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Blogging It or Not

Except if making a living out of it is the plan, I think it takes too much time to fully enjoy your trip. I tried a kind of very limited blog and even posting from time to time without much text and few photos took me a bit of time, time I didn’t really want to take so I stopped it after a while.

It would be even harder to keep it if you travel with someone not related to your blog project.

I also think that having a blog giving away all your travel findings, secret places that were still raw and virgin from massive tourism is a bit against what we want. We still want to keep some places empty as they are. So, blogging or not blogging, be careful who you share your tips with when travelling.

However, I really enjoyed having a small travel diary. Right, I don’t mean daily written diary, just a book where I kept track of all the places where I slept (with dates) and put some words just to remember few things, stories I could maybe forget one day. And I did forget things and I already did enjoy re-read some of these memories.

I am not into diary at all but yes, this is a long trip and the amount of new information, experiences coming to your excited tired brain is huge so, every little helps…

Coming Back Home Tips

  • Try to come back for spring or summer (cf leaving and coming back time section intlink).
  • Plan some money because nope you don’t want to rush to get back to work and nope, you don’t want to have to take the first work opportunity because you don’t have any money to live (and yes, cost of living will be higher again!)
  • Anticipate what’s coming. Try to put you in the mood. There is the homesick feeling when you are away as you can have the travelling blues feeling when back. When back, you might want to see many friends all the time, but they might be busy and have their daily routine. The plan was maybe to spend some time at your parents place but it might be hard after so long on your own free as a bird, etc.
  • To avoid such a big gap, try maybe to keep this travelling mood. Maybe it’s a good time to carry on meeting travellers in your home town, help people travel “like a local”, and you are this “local” now.

My ATW Trip

Here is a map with the main areas I visited during my big journey. 2 years and 8 months in South America, the Caribbean, Central America, Asia and Southern Africa.

You will get an idea of the period I visited each country, some were off season but it all went great weather wise.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

my ATW Trip

Open the map on Tripline website