Well, definitely along the idea “by independent travellers for independent travellers”. I was back from a long journey around South/Central America, Asia and Africa and wanted to help people to try to do the same. I wanted to create a website that would give some extra confidence to those who don’t have enough to leave and go around the world on their own. This lack of confidence often comes from a lack of information, so I hope it will help 😊

Around The World trip 2013-2016 Map

See the interactive map in the Random section.


What Is It?

This is not a travel diary nor a blog about travel destinations. I don’t want to tell you where you should go, the information wouldn’t be exhaustive plus it wouldn’t be objective either. There are plenty of good blogs (nad many bad ones too) to read about places, find inspiration, etc. This website is more for some basic overall advice.

This is also not my job, blogging about travel destinations is a real job (if done well) that takes time.


One More Travel Website, What’s The Point? How Is It Different?

One more out of plenty, indeed. This is not unique but I have seen too many (and popular unfortunately) Around The World websites that think themselves as backpacking ones but are actually more for the flashpacking tourists, advising you to buy an expensive ATW ticket and do many countries within one year only, woohoo! Their standards are a bit too high, about expeditions with guides, about the must do touristy spots, the best trendy party hostels, etc.

This one is about you, going the independent way on a budget without booking anything, and this is, to me, travelling at its best.


Straightforward, Concise, Easy To Go Through

This is another important thing I wanted to follow here. As I said, plenty of websites and you can easily visit tens of them when searching some information about your future trip. I often found myself tired going through lots of text, reading for hours where I just want to get some useful information quickly. This is the difference about reading blogs about travel stories and informative websites, both are good don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you just want information, quickly. So pardon me for the bullet point style and lack of narrative writing 😉

I know, this is not a good start, this intro is way too long already 😉, it gets better I promise!


Independent Tips, Not Making Money

This is not my job, this is not how I plan to make money to be on the road for the rest of my life. I have seen too many websites affiliating things like this wonderfully expensive World Nomads insurance in order to make money getting commission. I don’t think all these bloggers looking for money are objective about the brands/activities/hotels they are blogging about.

Here, no affiliation, no product placement, only personal recommendations.


Like a Local

This is my ultimate travel motto. The local way means the most authentic, the closest to reality, the cheapest, often the most off beaten track (yeah, let’s use this popular expression), and almost always the easiest way, you just need to follow locals!

It is obviously not to say “travel like a local” because most of the locals of many countries just don’t travel. The point here is more to advise you to “do it like a local does it”, in a general way.

You will find this same section for most of the advice categories. This is not rocket science and most of the time just about common sense but well, it deserves its own category as this is the first thing I was focusing on while travelling.

How do the locals do?