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Find here some useful tools and mobile applications when travelling around the world to help you travel the easy way.

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Navigation GPS App

Mobile data browsing can be expensive and the offline use of google maps is not really working well to me, so I recommend this free offline GPS mapping app. You need to download the maps you need while you have internet and then enjoy its use offline, wherever you are (with the GPS location dot still working). Zoom in where you plan to use it because there are sometimes few maps per country you need to download.


You can pin some places you have been or get recommended, search, get GPS directions like in google maps and share your pins with friends. I used it so much, some countries have more precise maps than others, but this app will find you tiny trekking tracks even in remote areas.


You also get some places information on the maps (restaurants, WIFI spots, camping areas, etc.).



Random Useful Apps

  • Couchsurfing: as mentioned in the Travel Couchsurfing section.
  • AirBnB: as mentioned in the Travel Rental section.
  • XE: Get the official exchange rate right to check and compare with what the local offer gives you. Read more about exhcange rate in the Travel Cash section.
  • Rome2Rio: good website to give you and compare the different ways and alternatives you have to go from point A to point B (bus, planes, train, ferries, etc.).
  • Trip advisor: good to get fresh updated reviews on some stuff but don’t limit yourself to that because the cheap hidden gems local places for food might not be on there. Plus think about the tourists represented here, is it your kind of travellers? If not, then reviews would reflect that too.
  • Pocket: not sure you will get Internet in the next places you go to or want to read some articles you found on Internet while in transports? Add them to pocket to be able to read them offline.
  • Weather apps. There are many, some are better in some regions so try to get the most accurate one where you are.


Like A Local

Learn the local language and customs

You will be surprised how knowing few words the usual tourists don’t know will make you go further with locals.

In the same way, some countries have very different customs as yours and it could be useful (and interesting) to know the main ones to make sure you don’t offend local people, especially in Asia (Eg : having your feet lower than someone’s head, not using the left hand for food, covering your shoulders, etc.).

World Nomads Language Guide: learn basic important stuff of 25 languages.


Local apps

Some developing countries are already quite advanced with smartphones, try have a look what apps they locally have on the market. These local apps might be a way to feel more like a local and meet some too.

Local application about events, concerts, bars, etc. usually give better tips than general tourist guides.